Green Coffee Bean, Dr Oz and My Crazy Confusion???

I’m a loyal fan to the Dr. Oz show but I’m confused. He seems to recommend a new waist loss supplement every week! First it was Raspberry Ketones and now he says Green Coffee. I can’t even remember all the others he’s named in the past.

Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee sound essentially the same to me. They sound like natural weight loss supplements. When I think about natural supplements, I think of natural ingredients. You know, the stuff that comes from the earth.

Dr. Oz said these were both all natural weight loss supplements, so you better believe I was shocked when I found out that almost ALL Raspberry Ketones supplements are SYNTHETIC! I read that it is extremely costly to extract ketones from real raspberries. To cut costs, companies use ketones that are produced synthetically in a lab. There is NOTHING natural about that. The weight loss effects promised by Raspberry Ketones just aren’t enough to make me purposely ingest synthetic chemicals.

So what about Green Coffee supplements? I wondered if they were synthetic as well. Well with a little research, I found that Green Coffee Bean extract is used to make most Green Coffee supplements. Green Coffee Bean Extract is naturally derived from REAL unroasted green coffee beans. I read that as long as the label lists Green Coffee Bean Extract (in a vegetable capsule) as the only ingredient… it is likely to be 100% NATURAL.

I found one supplement that fits these guidelines: Perfect Green Coffee. It is 100% natural, and only contains 100% Green Coffee Bean Extract in a vegetable capsule. Nothing else- no binders, no fillers, no artificial ingredients. The chlorogenic acid is also standardized to 50%, which is the percentage recommended by Dr. Oz. I’m ordering it today!

UPDATE: I just found this awesome video which really explains everything about Dr Oz, Green Coffee Bean and Dr. Linsey Duncan –


Pure Green Coffee Bean Video Tells The Truth

What occurs when you take green coffee beans and do NOT roast them? You get the effective brand-new weight loss supplement, Green Coffee Bean Extract. Impressive new clinical studies point to the chlorogenic acid that is found in Green Coffee Bean as being the reason that Green Coffee Bean extract can assist people drop weight, bodyfat and as fantastic as it sounds, all without any change in diet of exercise.

The University of Scranton recently carried out a research on the results of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract and weight loss. The results were then released in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal. In this double blind, placebo controlled research, 16 over weight adults between the ages of 22 and 46 were randomly given differing dosages of Green Coffee Bean Extract (700mg and 1050mg) and matching placebos over a 22 week period. A vital point to deliver up, is the topics of the research were told to NOT change their diet or workout levels over the 22 week duration.

Incredibly, after only 22 weeks, topics on the Green Coffee Bean Extract lost approximately 10.5 % of their body weight and 16 % of their body fat. Again, this lacks any type of change in diet or exercise.

Dr. Joe Vinson, PhD, is the man liable for doing this study. Dr. Vinson, as the lead researcher for the research, thinks that Chlorogenic Acid, not caffeine, is liable for Green Coffee Bean Extract’s weight loss effects.

Time for a quick side story. Numerous of my good friends have asked why I am so obsessed with eating right and my diet. The answer is very straightforward, I figure it is much easier to remain healthy than it is to get “unsick”. Yes, when you are sick, it can easily be a genuine challenge to treat your complications and get healthy. On the additional hand, when you are healthy and feeling good, it is reasonably effortless to make small changes to your diet to make sure you remain healthy. So, this is why I am so considering Green Coffee Bean Extract and other natural active ingredients. Okay, back to our research on Pure Green Coffee Bean Extracts …

Exactly what is so unique about Chlorogenic acid? Cholorgenic acid has actually been revealed to reduce the release of sugar (sugar) into the bloodstream. It is a well known fact that sugar in the blood stream is switched to fat. When is the most glucose released into the bloodsteam? After we eat or workout. In the greatest instance circumstance, the body burns the sugar in the bloodstream as energy– end of tale. Sadly, for a lot of people, there is more sugar than the body needs and the glucose is stored as fat. When the body does not release as much glucose (as holds true when you take Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract), it is forced to burn fat cells for energy. This procedure is called thermogenesis and it contributes considerably to weight loss. Astonishingly, Chlorogenic acid in fact does more than just help you lose weight, it is actually a powerful antioxidant that can assist the body in a number of ways. All of these factors assist chlorogenic acid help in weight loss.

When coffee beans are roasted, the heat damages many of the nutritional residential properties of the bean; as a result you can not get the exact same quantity of healthy chlorogenic acid in your everyday cup of coffee. 100 % Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is the best means to obtain the chlorogenic acid and other anti-oxidants located in coffee beans.

To get the greatest results, select a supplement produced with Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract. The key to discovering the many effect Green Coffee Bean supplements for weight loss is to search for the quantity of Chlorogenic acid in the supplement. Studies have revealed that a 50 % Chlorogenic acid degree is going to produce the best fat burning results. Seek a supplement that is complimentary from fillers, flow agents, added sugars, included caffeine or any type of additional synthetic ingredients. Exactly what ever you do, do NOT purchase a Green Coffee Bean Extract that has Dr Oz’s picture on it, this ensures indication the supplement is a fraud. Dr. Oz has never ever recommended any sort of brand of Green Coffee Bean Extract. Curious regarding what Dr. Oz needed to say about Green Coffee Bean extracts for weight loss? Examine back next week and we will have the entire story.