Green Coffee Bean, Dr Oz and My Crazy Confusion???

I’m a loyal fan to the Dr. Oz show but I’m confused. He seems to recommend a new waist loss supplement every week! First it was Raspberry Ketones and now he says Green Coffee. I can’t even remember all the others he’s named in the past.

Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee sound essentially the same to me. They sound like natural weight loss supplements. When I think about natural supplements, I think of natural ingredients. You know, the stuff that comes from the earth.

Dr. Oz said these were both all natural weight loss supplements, so you better believe I was shocked when I found out that almost ALL Raspberry Ketones supplements are SYNTHETIC! I read that it is extremely costly to extract ketones from real raspberries. To cut costs, companies use ketones that are produced synthetically in a lab. There is NOTHING natural about that. The weight loss effects promised by Raspberry Ketones just aren’t enough to make me purposely ingest synthetic chemicals.

So what about Green Coffee supplements? I wondered if they were synthetic as well. Well with a little research, I found that Green Coffee Bean extract is used to make most Green Coffee supplements. Green Coffee Bean Extract is naturally derived from REAL unroasted green coffee beans. I read that as long as the label lists Green Coffee Bean Extract (in a vegetable capsule) as the only ingredient… it is likely to be 100% NATURAL.

I found one supplement that fits these guidelines: Perfect Green Coffee. It is 100% natural, and only contains 100% Green Coffee Bean Extract in a vegetable capsule. Nothing else- no binders, no fillers, no artificial ingredients. The chlorogenic acid is also standardized to 50%, which is the percentage recommended by Dr. Oz. I’m ordering it today!

UPDATE: I just found this awesome video which really explains everything about Dr Oz, Green Coffee Bean and Dr. Linsey Duncan –


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