Rockboard Scooter Review – A Kick Scooter You Don’t Kick

Rockboard ScooterWhat do you call a kick scooter that goes by rocking instead of kicking?  The Rockboard Scooter of course!  The Rockboard scooter has a “rocking propulsion” method of moving you along at 10 mph.  By simply rocking back and forth on the platform of the scooter you are able to move the scooter.  Both feet stay on the board of the scooter, so no kicking is necessary.

What Does the Rockboard Scooter Look Like?

The Rockboard scooter comes in a number of different styles.  In a DadDoes.Com Rockboard Scooter review they did a great video that shows one model of the Rockboard scooter in action.  Here is a link to the video review of the Rockboard Scooter…

One of the main selling points of the Rockboard scooter is that it is actually two scooters in one.  You can easily convert the scooter to a kick scooter.  No tools are required to change to the kick scooter mode and it only takes about 1 minute.

I really learned a lot from the review of the Rockboard Scooter, give it a read and a watch to learn more.

Recon Programmable Rover by Smart Lab Toys, Full Review

Recon Rover

Really, what kid wouldn’t love their own programmable robot rover?  And really, what parent wouldn’t love a toy that teaches their kids math, logic and programming skills?  The Recon 6.0 Programmable Rover from SmartLab Toys is the toy that will make both kids and parents very happy!

What Is the Recon Rover?

To learn more about the Recon Programmable Rover we went to Google and searched on Recon Programmable Rover Toy Review and found a great one from DadDoes.Com .  You can read the full review, but just watching the video review of the Recon Programmable Rover pretty much tells you everything you need to know.

The Recon Rover looks like an excellent toy for kids ages 8 and up.  The price is a little high at $69, but when you think that some PS3 games now cost $59 – an extra $10 for a full robot rover is actually a good deal.

We encourage readers to head over to DadDoes.Com and read and watch their full review of the Recon 6.0 Programmable Rover.


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The Puffle Plush Toys by Jakks Pacific

New for 2012 are a series of Puffle Plush Toys that have accessories.  You can use the enclosed token with the Puffle Plush to unlock your Puffle online.  Let’s back up a second for people who are not familiar with Puffles…

What in the World are Puffles?

Puffles are the little pets that come from the Club Penguin virtual world.  Club Penguin is the most popular online world for kids.  In Club Penguin you play as a penguin, but you can adopt cute little pets called Puffles.  While the Puffles are cute in the virtual world, they are much cuter in real life.

Jakks Pacific Brings Puffle Pets to Life

Now you can bring your Puffle with you in the real world.  Jakks pacific has a whole line of plush Puffle pets that you can have fun with.  Here is a video review of the Plush Puffle Pets.

As you can see, the Puffle Plush toys are cute and kids who love Club Penguin will also love having some Puffle Plush toys.  The Plush Puffle are available now in 4″ and 2″ sizes.  I can see Puffle Pet Plushes being a hot gift for the holidays.


Meep Tablet by Oregon Scientific Coming Soon

The Meep Tablet is a new android tablet for kids that is set to come out August 2012.  The Meep Tablet was displayed at Toy Fair 2012 and it has received very positive reviews.  The tablet is made for kids, only $149 and runs Android 4.0.

Here is a video review of the Meep Tablet

The Meep! Tablet is built kid tough and can take the beating that kids put on their toys.  In addition, there are plenty of add-ons for the Meep Tablet like a steering wheel so kids can play racing games.

In the next few days, we will be posting a full review of the Meep Tablet.