Roll & Play by ThinkFun Jr – The First Game for Toddlers

If you walk into a toy store you will see endless toys for kids ages 3 and up.  This is great, unless you happen to have a toddler.  For some reason, there are no games for toddlers.  Yes, there are plenty of toys and little stuffed animals for toddlers, but if you want to play a game, your selection is very limited.

ThinkFun Jr Looks to Change Things with Roll & Play

ThinkFun Jr recently released their Roll & Play game and it looks perfect for the 3 and under crowd.  The concept is very simple, kids roll a big plush cube and see what color comes up.  There are 6 sets of colored cards, to match the 6 colors on the cube.  You simply selected the colored card that matches the cube.  Each card has some funny action to do.  Maybe mo like a cow, or count to three.

Here is a video that shows the Roll & Play in action –

The great part about Roll and Play is that there are no set rules, you can come up with what is most fun for your whole family.  Give it a try, Roll and Play looks fun for the whole family.

Meep Tablet by Oregon Scientific Coming Soon

The Meep Tablet is a new android tablet for kids that is set to come out August 2012.  The Meep Tablet was displayed at Toy Fair 2012 and it has received very positive reviews.  The tablet is made for kids, only $149 and runs Android 4.0.

Here is a video review of the Meep Tablet

The Meep! Tablet is built kid tough and can take the beating that kids put on their toys.  In addition, there are plenty of add-ons for the Meep Tablet like a steering wheel so kids can play racing games.

In the next few days, we will be posting a full review of the Meep Tablet.