The Puffle Plush Toys by Jakks Pacific

New for 2012 are a series of Puffle Plush Toys that have accessories.  You can use the enclosed token with the Puffle Plush to unlock your Puffle online.  Let’s back up a second for people who are not familiar with Puffles…

What in the World are Puffles?

Puffles are the little pets that come from the Club Penguin virtual world.  Club Penguin is the most popular online world for kids.  In Club Penguin you play as a penguin, but you can adopt cute little pets called Puffles.  While the Puffles are cute in the virtual world, they are much cuter in real life.

Jakks Pacific Brings Puffle Pets to Life

Now you can bring your Puffle with you in the real world.  Jakks pacific has a whole line of plush Puffle pets that you can have fun with.  Here is a video review of the Plush Puffle Pets.

As you can see, the Puffle Plush toys are cute and kids who love Club Penguin will also love having some Puffle Plush toys.  The Plush Puffle are available now in 4″ and 2″ sizes.  I can see Puffle Pet Plushes being a hot gift for the holidays.