National Geographic Explorer Series of Toys Reviewed on Dad Blog

National Geographic has been around for ever.  It seems like parents love National Geographic for the wonderful pictures and lessons on conservation and protecting our planet.  While the National Geographic magazine has been a staple in homes for years, in 2012 their is a new National Geographic item – toys!

The National Geographic Explorer Series of Toys Gets Full Review

Uncle Milton has now released a series of nine toys under the National Geographic label. The toys are being call the National Geographic Explorer Series. We did a quick search for reviews on the National Geographic toys and found this excellent video review from DadDoes.Com –

The video shows 3 toys from the line – the Sky Flare, Shoe Lights and Earth Tag.  After watching the video, it is clear the toys do not represent brand new concepts.  Most of the toys have already been made in other forms, but it is the Activity Guide that comes with it that gives the toy the National Geographic feel.

With all the electronics my kids play, I am into any toy that gets them playing outside and learning more about our planet and the environment.  I think I will give some of the toys a try.

Rockboard Scooter Review – A Kick Scooter You Don’t Kick

Rockboard ScooterWhat do you call a kick scooter that goes by rocking instead of kicking?  The Rockboard Scooter of course!  The Rockboard scooter has a “rocking propulsion” method of moving you along at 10 mph.  By simply rocking back and forth on the platform of the scooter you are able to move the scooter.  Both feet stay on the board of the scooter, so no kicking is necessary.

What Does the Rockboard Scooter Look Like?

The Rockboard scooter comes in a number of different styles.  In a DadDoes.Com Rockboard Scooter review they did a great video that shows one model of the Rockboard scooter in action.  Here is a link to the video review of the Rockboard Scooter…

One of the main selling points of the Rockboard scooter is that it is actually two scooters in one.  You can easily convert the scooter to a kick scooter.  No tools are required to change to the kick scooter mode and it only takes about 1 minute.

I really learned a lot from the review of the Rockboard Scooter, give it a read and a watch to learn more.