A Completely Different Type of Father’s Day Gift Guide for 2012

Over the years I have seen my share of Father’s Day Gift guides.  For the most part, they all start to look the same – a few ties, some beer and maybe a shirt.  Wow, is that boring.  I just spent a little time on Google searching for Fun Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2012 and I think I found something really cool.

Don’t Get Dad a Gift Basket, Get Him a Man Crate!

A gift basket with bows and ribbons – for Dad?  No, I don’t think so.  You need to go with something more manly…like a Man Crate.  Yes, a gift basket for men that comes in a wooden crate and you need a crowbar to open it.

Think I am making the Man Crate up, check out this video –

Yep, and that is just one of the gift ideas in the Dad Does Father’s Day gift guide.  The gift guide is just getting started (it is only May 2nd as I write this) but they promise to have the perfect gift for every day when it is all done.  Even more impressive, they promise the Father’s Day Gift Guide will be 100% Tie Free!



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AppGear Zombie Burbz Hands-On Review. Augmented Reality Game for iPad

Zombies on the iPad and iPhone have been big for a while.  There is no shortage of apps that feature Zombies in endless battles.  So, what is so different about the new Zombie Burbz game for the iPad from AppGear?  You control your onscreen Zombie with a toy figure Zombie!

Augmented Reality Hits the iPad App Market

Zombie Burbz is the first game from AppGear.  AppGear is bridging the gap between apps and toys.  You use a toy figure Zombie to unlock different missions, but that is not all.  You also use your toy Zombie directly on the screen of the iPad to control the action in the game.

Here is a great video we found on YouTube that shows Zombie Burbz being played…

As you can see, the toy figures are really used in the game.  It looks like it cost about $10 to get a pack of 4 Zombie figures.  The thing is, only 1 of those Zombie figures actually interacts with the game, the other 3 are just for collecting.

Overall, the whole AppGear line looks pretty fun.  I love Zombie games, and having a toy zombie figure to control the action is a neat twist.

Also, you might want to check out the DadDoes.Com site – they have a ton of product reviews and just about everyone has a video that goes with it as well.


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