Green Coffee Bean, Dr Oz and My Crazy Confusion???

I’m a loyal fan to the Dr. Oz show but I’m confused. He seems to recommend a new waist loss supplement every week! First it was Raspberry Ketones and now he says Green Coffee. I can’t even remember all the others he’s named in the past.

Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee sound essentially the same to me. They sound like natural weight loss supplements. When I think about natural supplements, I think of natural ingredients. You know, the stuff that comes from the earth.

Dr. Oz said these were both all natural weight loss supplements, so you better believe I was shocked when I found out that almost ALL Raspberry Ketones supplements are SYNTHETIC! I read that it is extremely costly to extract ketones from real raspberries. To cut costs, companies use ketones that are produced synthetically in a lab. There is NOTHING natural about that. The weight loss effects promised by Raspberry Ketones just aren’t enough to make me purposely ingest synthetic chemicals.

So what about Green Coffee supplements? I wondered if they were synthetic as well. Well with a little research, I found that Green Coffee Bean extract is used to make most Green Coffee supplements. Green Coffee Bean Extract is naturally derived from REAL unroasted green coffee beans. I read that as long as the label lists Green Coffee Bean Extract (in a vegetable capsule) as the only ingredient… it is likely to be 100% NATURAL.

I found one supplement that fits these guidelines: Perfect Green Coffee. It is 100% natural, and only contains 100% Green Coffee Bean Extract in a vegetable capsule. Nothing else- no binders, no fillers, no artificial ingredients. The chlorogenic acid is also standardized to 50%, which is the percentage recommended by Dr. Oz. I’m ordering it today!

UPDATE: I just found this awesome video which really explains everything about Dr Oz, Green Coffee Bean and Dr. Linsey Duncan –


A Great Father’s Day Gift Guide – Filled With Fun Gift Ideas

Like it or not, Father’s Day is fast approaching.  This is the time of year when many wives start to freak out – not knowing what to get Dad for Father’s Day.  Do they go with a tie or shirt?  DadDoes.Com, a popular Dad blog, says NO!

A Fun Father’s Day Gift Guide – 100% Tie Free

DadDoes.Com says that Dads are tired of getting boring ties.  To help Dad have a more fun Father’s Day in 2012, DadDoes.Com has released their Fun Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2012.  This gift guide is filled with fun gift ideas for all types of Dads.

Every Dad has different interests, so the Gift Guide has a wide selection of gifts.  If Dad is a music and baseball fan – kill two birds with one stone by getting him the BiGR Audio MLB Headphones.  Dad more into the Martial Arts and music?  Get him the BiGR Audio Bruce Lee Headphones.  Is Dad really just a big kid that loves to play?  Go with the Air Hogs NASCAR R/C car series.

Jump over to and take a look at their Father’s Day Gift Guide for 2012, I am sure you will fnd a great gift for every Dad on your list.


IGOB131 – What Did Dr Oz Really Say About African Mango?

It seems like every time Dr Oz opens his mouth, another controversy starts.  A few months ago Dr Oz talked about an African Mango supplement could help you lose 10 pounds.  In only a few weeks, every supplement company was claiming that their African Mango supplement was featured on the Dr Oz show.

What Did Dr Oz Really Say About African Mango?

To find out what Dr Oz really said about African Mango supplements, let’s go right to the source – Dr Oz and his website!  Here is a video that shows exactly what Dr. Oz said about African Mango and IGOB131.  Take a moment and watch the video now – we will wait.

Pretty interesting – huh?  Clearly African Mango can have some real benefits when it comes to weight loss, but any company claiming that their supplement was the one featured on Dr. Oz is lying to you.

What is IGOB131?

IGOB131 is a patented African Mango seed extract.  What makes IGOB131 so interesting is that it is the only form of African Mango that has been shown in published clinical studies to help weight weight loss.  For this reason, if you are going to try African Mango, you really want to go with a supplement that has IGOB131 as its only ingredient.

Perfect African Mango is one brand that is pure and fantastic.  Do your own research, but we firmly believe that African Mango supplements made with IGOB131 African Mango Seed extract are the only way to go.


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