Skylanders Swap Force Looks Totally Awesome

Oh man, I wish it was Fall 2013.  The reason?  I just saw that Skylanders Swap Force is coming out in 2013.  The game looks fantastic and I can’t wait to play Swap Force.

What is Skylanders Swap Force?

Swap Force is the latest in the Skylanders video game series.  Take a look at this video of Skylanders Swap Force from the 2.5.13 launch party in NYC –

Are you with me?  Super excited for Skylanders Swap Force.

Swappable Skylanders Means 250 Times The Fun

There will be 16 new swappable Skylanders Swap Force characters at launch.  That might not sound like much, but figure in you can mix and match the tops and bottoms of the figures and you come up with 256 different Skylanders!  Now, you need to understand that their powers and movements change as you shift their body parts.  Throw robot legs on a guy and he has robot movement.

In addition to swapping, Skylanders Swap Force also introduces new Swap Zones that have fun mini-games like flying and climbing.  Again, the graphics from the launch party look incredible and the gameplay will be much improved.

As you can tell, I don’t think Fall 2013 will come fast enough for our family.  We are counting down the days until the launch of Skylanders Swap Force!


Air Hogs Gyroblade RC Helicopter, A Fun New Toy for 2013

I have always been a fan of Air Hogs RC helicopters, but in recent years it has seemed like some companies were doing more in terms of innovation.  Yes, Air Hogs has things like the Battle Tracker and Hoover Assault – lots of bling for their RC toys, but I am talking about pure remote control helicopter flying fun.

The Air Hogs Gyroblade Helicopter Proves Air Hogs Still Has It!

I just read about the new Air Hogs Gyroblade helicopter.  Here is a quick blurb on it –

“With full 3-channel control and gyroscopic stabilization, the Gyroblade is a state-of-the-art high performance R/C heli. Its metal reinforced body provides enhanced protection against crash landings making it extremely durable.”

That all sounded great, but that is just what Air Hogs sais – not very objective.  So, I did a little searching and found this video of the Air Hogs Gyroblade –

Wow, that looks pretty incredible.  I love the single rotor design and just seeing the way they control the forward and backward movement, it is clear that a lot of design effort when into making this heli.

I am trying to find a place where I can buy the Air Hogs Gyroblade online – maybe it is not in stores yet?  I just checked DadDoes.Com to see if they have a written review and places to buy – nothing up there yet.

Well, I will keep looking for the Air Hogs Gyroblade Helicopter and once I find it I will post a full review.


Is There Any Place That Posts Real World Toy Reviews for 2013?

The other day, my 10 year old son asked me this very question –

“Dad, with all the stuff on Google, I can’t find any real and honest toys reviews.  Am I looking in the wrong place?”

As you can see, I have a very wise son.  He is basically right, it is very hard to find real world and honest toy reviews.  The task was made harder by the fact that he was looking for Toy Reviews for 2013 and it was still 2012.  But come on, he is only 10!

Where Are The Honest Toy Reviews?

It turns out that most sites create a toy review in this way…

  • Read a Press Release on a New Toy
  • Write an Intro Paragraph about the New Toy
  • Close with How Fun the New Toy Is

Yep, you read that right – countless toy reviews are based on press releases.  In fact, many writers never touch the toys they are reviewing.

How Do You Know if They Really Reviewed the Toys?

Guess what my son figured out – videos don’t lie!  He found this DadDoesBlog Toy Review Channel and it has videos of the writers playing with the toys.  Boom – instant proof that they actually played with the toys.  We watched countless videos from DadDoes.Com and they were great.  My son is hooked and so am I.


Review of OOTW Dolls from Blip Toys – Out of This World Dolls

Why do all Barbie dolls have girls wanting to look perfect?  And who is to say that the Barbie look is the “perfect” look?  As a Mom I am tired of Barbie dolls and the stereotypes they reinforce.  The problem is, girls like to play with dolls, so what is a Mom to do?

OOTW Dolls from Blip Toys to The Rescue

I did some searching online for dolls for girls that celebrate being different and care about more than just good lucks.  My search led me to the O.O.T.W. Dolls from Blip Toys.  The OOTW Girls look really funky, fun and different.

I found a very good review of OOTW Dolls and also an excellent video that shows two of the dolls in action.  Check out this video –

The two dolls in the video are Techno and Vizi.  I really like how different looking they are.  This will teach our girls that there is no one perfect way to look.  Everyone can look different and be different and still be beautiful.  I have not checked out the online world yet – called Girlaxy, but it has a great name.

I will be buying the OOTW Dolls and see if my girls love it as much as I do!


National Geographic Explorer Series of Toys Reviewed on Dad Blog

National Geographic has been around for ever.  It seems like parents love National Geographic for the wonderful pictures and lessons on conservation and protecting our planet.  While the National Geographic magazine has been a staple in homes for years, in 2012 their is a new National Geographic item – toys!

The National Geographic Explorer Series of Toys Gets Full Review

Uncle Milton has now released a series of nine toys under the National Geographic label. The toys are being call the National Geographic Explorer Series. We did a quick search for reviews on the National Geographic toys and found this excellent video review from DadDoes.Com –

The video shows 3 toys from the line – the Sky Flare, Shoe Lights and Earth Tag.  After watching the video, it is clear the toys do not represent brand new concepts.  Most of the toys have already been made in other forms, but it is the Activity Guide that comes with it that gives the toy the National Geographic feel.

With all the electronics my kids play, I am into any toy that gets them playing outside and learning more about our planet and the environment.  I think I will give some of the toys a try.

Roll & Play by ThinkFun Jr – The First Game for Toddlers

If you walk into a toy store you will see endless toys for kids ages 3 and up.  This is great, unless you happen to have a toddler.  For some reason, there are no games for toddlers.  Yes, there are plenty of toys and little stuffed animals for toddlers, but if you want to play a game, your selection is very limited.

ThinkFun Jr Looks to Change Things with Roll & Play

ThinkFun Jr recently released their Roll & Play game and it looks perfect for the 3 and under crowd.  The concept is very simple, kids roll a big plush cube and see what color comes up.  There are 6 sets of colored cards, to match the 6 colors on the cube.  You simply selected the colored card that matches the cube.  Each card has some funny action to do.  Maybe mo like a cow, or count to three.

Here is a video that shows the Roll & Play in action –

The great part about Roll and Play is that there are no set rules, you can come up with what is most fun for your whole family.  Give it a try, Roll and Play looks fun for the whole family.

Rockboard Scooter Review – A Kick Scooter You Don’t Kick

Rockboard ScooterWhat do you call a kick scooter that goes by rocking instead of kicking?  The Rockboard Scooter of course!  The Rockboard scooter has a “rocking propulsion” method of moving you along at 10 mph.  By simply rocking back and forth on the platform of the scooter you are able to move the scooter.  Both feet stay on the board of the scooter, so no kicking is necessary.

What Does the Rockboard Scooter Look Like?

The Rockboard scooter comes in a number of different styles.  In a DadDoes.Com Rockboard Scooter review they did a great video that shows one model of the Rockboard scooter in action.  Here is a link to the video review of the Rockboard Scooter…

One of the main selling points of the Rockboard scooter is that it is actually two scooters in one.  You can easily convert the scooter to a kick scooter.  No tools are required to change to the kick scooter mode and it only takes about 1 minute.

I really learned a lot from the review of the Rockboard Scooter, give it a read and a watch to learn more.

Recon Programmable Rover by Smart Lab Toys, Full Review

Recon Rover

Really, what kid wouldn’t love their own programmable robot rover?  And really, what parent wouldn’t love a toy that teaches their kids math, logic and programming skills?  The Recon 6.0 Programmable Rover from SmartLab Toys is the toy that will make both kids and parents very happy!

What Is the Recon Rover?

To learn more about the Recon Programmable Rover we went to Google and searched on Recon Programmable Rover Toy Review and found a great one from DadDoes.Com .  You can read the full review, but just watching the video review of the Recon Programmable Rover pretty much tells you everything you need to know.

The Recon Rover looks like an excellent toy for kids ages 8 and up.  The price is a little high at $69, but when you think that some PS3 games now cost $59 – an extra $10 for a full robot rover is actually a good deal.

We encourage readers to head over to DadDoes.Com and read and watch their full review of the Recon 6.0 Programmable Rover.


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The Puffle Plush Toys by Jakks Pacific

New for 2012 are a series of Puffle Plush Toys that have accessories.  You can use the enclosed token with the Puffle Plush to unlock your Puffle online.  Let’s back up a second for people who are not familiar with Puffles…

What in the World are Puffles?

Puffles are the little pets that come from the Club Penguin virtual world.  Club Penguin is the most popular online world for kids.  In Club Penguin you play as a penguin, but you can adopt cute little pets called Puffles.  While the Puffles are cute in the virtual world, they are much cuter in real life.

Jakks Pacific Brings Puffle Pets to Life

Now you can bring your Puffle with you in the real world.  Jakks pacific has a whole line of plush Puffle pets that you can have fun with.  Here is a video review of the Plush Puffle Pets.

As you can see, the Puffle Plush toys are cute and kids who love Club Penguin will also love having some Puffle Plush toys.  The Plush Puffle are available now in 4″ and 2″ sizes.  I can see Puffle Pet Plushes being a hot gift for the holidays.